Download song and video here!In July this year Lesley Rankine came to stay for a week of shooting for two music videos, LUSH and SPIN. LUSH is a track on the EP REVERT TO TYPE.


The shoot for LUSH took three full days, maurus built the set in the old attic space of our building using his collage works and other props. The idea was to create the history of a single space full of the ghosts who lived in it. I think a lot about old buildings and the sum of all the experiences that transpired within them and what remains in the nooks and crevices are left behind by life. It creates a rich history that for the most part is lost until we seek them out. I explained it in detail here.


Han van Acoleyen, who has helped and collaborated with me even before ANDERECAST came to assist with a second camera.


Berlin-based composer and musician Dirk Rave along with maurus and Helga Jäckel played the roles of the ghosts living in the space.


I've known Lesley's work pretty much since the beginning (SILVERFISH and PIGFACE) and have always been a great fan of her range and ability to consistently have the best remixes and re-imaginings for singles. The first album, Salt Peter of her Ruby project was a kind of revolution for a thin pale young man in black stomping around New Orleans. It was with great pleasure to make her acquaintance and even greater to begin collaborating with her.

Last year I asked if she would allow me to use a track from that album, HEIDI in my video short: DUALISM I | EXPOSITION (about turning the tables on a power play between a husband and wife) and it worked out wonderfully.



In January this year we made our first collaboration with the music video to WAITING FOR LIGHT. The experience was rewarding and I jumped at the chance to work with her again.



SPIN will debut on the winter solctice, 21st December 2013. Go HERE to download the track LUSH and the video!